The Best Moments In Reading Are When You Come Across Something- A Thought, A Feeling, A Way At Looking At Things- Which You Had Thought Special And Particular To You. And Now, Here It Is, Set Down By Someone Else, A Person You Have Never Met, Someone Who Is Even Long Dead. And It Is As If A Hand Has Come Out, And Taken Yours.

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Everything Everything

Title: Everything Everything
Author: Nicola Yoon
Publisher: Corgi
Publication Date: August 27th, 2015
Genre: YA, Romance.
Length: 311 pages
Where you can get yours: Book Depository, Waterstones , Barnes & Noble.

Live life in a bubble or risk everything for love? Maddy is allergic to the world. She hasn’t left her house in seventeen years. Olly is the boy next door. He’s determined to find a way to reach her. Everything, Everything is about the crazy risks we take for love.

Maddy has never left the safety of her house since she nearly died after having an allergic reaction outside. She lives alone with her mother and spends her days reading, drawing, and online studying. She has tutors who come to her house and her loving nurse Carla. Maddy knows she's different but doesn't want to be after her mom (who is a doctor) diagnoses her with SCID "a disease as rare as it is famous" (quote from the book), which doesn't allow her to leave her house as she's literally allergic to nearly everything. It can be strong perfume or a type of chemical, the worst thing about it being that no one knows what exactly triggers it at a certain moment.

You may not agree with me and I'm completely okay with that, but this book, this book, made me feel that the Fault in Our Stars was way overrated and just gave me so many feels. I love John Green, I love his work and all of his books (which I all read btw, yes including Zombicorns), but this book was just so much deeper, so much more heartfelt that I had to think about the book, the story, the characters for another twenty more minutes after I finished. It usually takes me a long ass time to make my final decision about a book I read so that's why it takes me so long to write posts. I want to feel about the post on a book the same way in five years. However about this book I had my decision made straight away. This book is amazing, is underrated, is beautiful, is heartfelt, and most importantly is a must-read. I envy your amazing writing Nicola Yoon, and the intricate illustrations and texts made it so much more real. Every few years there's that book that you realize is your special favorite, and there will never be a book like that ever again, and it's just super hard explaining how good the book was. Also has the arguably best plot twist ever! If you ever read this Nicola Yoon, thank you for making my day so much more bearable! And, to all the bookworms out there, please, please read Everything Everything so we can fangirl over it together!
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