The Best Moments In Reading Are When You Come Across Something- A Thought, A Feeling, A Way At Looking At Things- Which You Had Thought Special And Particular To You. And Now, Here It Is, Set Down By Someone Else, A Person You Have Never Met, Someone Who Is Even Long Dead. And It Is As If A Hand Has Come Out, And Taken Yours.

Alan Bennett

The History Boys

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

And the super belated "Pick of the Month" book is

Okay.... this book was awesome! You know how you sometimes read or watch a super cliché book or movie and it just kind of ruins it for you that you know what will happen!? Yeah I hate that and since just so many detectives are like that I try to avoid them in general (except Agatha Christies) which I know is not good but I just can't help myself. Hmm... "Human frightened to death by detective story!" Sounds promising enough. Anyways I read the reviews after I ordered the book (always a great idea). I read the reviews and "BOOM!" It clearly said it was a detective style activity book. I pinky promise I almost burst out crying. I was actually a little sad all the way until the package came, and I was amazed at how much fun it was. I sat in my room for about three hours reading and finishing it. I highly recommend to anyone artsy or in need of some serious therapy only with a box of pencils and pens.

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