The Best Moments In Reading Are When You Come Across Something- A Thought, A Feeling, A Way At Looking At Things- Which You Had Thought Special And Particular To You. And Now, Here It Is, Set Down By Someone Else, A Person You Have Never Met, Someone Who Is Even Long Dead. And It Is As If A Hand Has Come Out, And Taken Yours.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Waiting On Wednesday 5# Wink Poppy Midnight

Waiting On Wednesday 5# 
Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke 

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times but you’ve got to admit this cover’s cover is on fleek. I mean, the black, red, and green combination? Classy. Also the illustrations are super cute, kind of cartoon like, yet very detail oriented. And I know, I know, you aren’t supposed to judge books by their cover, but judging is a negative right? So, you’re allowed to think that the book is better than it maybe is, because you think the cover is gorgeous.   I really don’t know a whole lot about this book except of there being a love triangle between characters named Wink, Poppy, and Midnight. I also know Wink is supposed to be an odd mysterious redhead, Poppy is the blonde, beautiful, and manipulative queen bee, and Midnight is the sweet, uncertain boy caught between them. Hmm… Can I just make the wild assumption that Wink gets together with Midnight at the end? It just sounds kind of cool, very different from usual young adult literature, so I thought it might be good to try it. Hope this author is good at writing romance though, because let me tell you it’s not easy, and it seems like this love triangle is the center of the story. Case in point: Avatar the Last Airbender (not the terrible movie with blue people but the cartoon one). I mean, are the characters, plot, jokes, descriptions, script, and anything else you can think of amazing? Yes, yet the romances in the series are very poor, and while you know the writers can just make an amazing plot, that doesn’t mean they’re good at romance. Anyways I “ehm ship Katara and prince Zuko ehm ehm”. Because everyone knows Aang belongs with Toph... Also using the names of the three main characters is a very creative idea.

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